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Invacare XPO2 Standard Package

$3,995.00 was $4,500.00

Invacare XP02 Portable Oxygen Concentrator STANDARD PACKAGE INCLUDES:
  • 1 Invacare XP02 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (XPO100B)
  • 1 Invacare XP02 Accessory Bag (Part Number XPO160)
  • 1 InvacareXP02 Cart (Part Number XPO120)
  • 1 Invacare XP02 AC Charger (Part Number XPO130)
  • 1 Invacare XP02 DC Charger(Part Number XPO140)
  • 3 Year Invacare Warranty
  • 5 Star Service Plan (for three years) (a $750 value)
  • 12 7' Cannulas and 4 25' Oxygen Tubing and connector (1 Year Supply!!)
  • FREE SHIPPING in the United States INCLUDING Alaska and Hawaii

Advanced Technology
As technology advances, so too do the options for Portable Oxygen Concentrators, and the smallest portable concentrator in Invacare's proven line of home oxygen equipment is the XPO2. XP stands for Extremely Portable, and is got that name because the XPO2 is lightweight, clinically robust, and easy to operate. With any portable concentrator multiple power options are a must, and the flexibility and portability of the XpO2 does not disappoint. Holding the XPO2's supplemental battery system gives confidence to the end user that this DC power option was not some cheap or discount portable oxygen concentrator. The XP02 supplementary battery is unique among portable oxygen concentrators as it does not require an additional charging station. Simply plug the supplementary battery into the AC power outlet and then into the XPO2 portable oxygen concentrator, and both the supplemental battery and the internal XPO2 battery charge at the same time.

At approximately 6 lbs (7lbs with optional battery) Invacare's XpO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is ready to go just about anywhere a patient wants to, without concern for running out of Oxygen, or having to get a refill somewhere!! But don't think the XPO2 is cheap because it is so light, durability is built into this portable oxygen concentrator.

Portable Concentrator Power
With the advent of technology in the field of portable oxygen concentrators, like increased rechargeable battery life, DC power supplies that can charge batteries as well as AC power supplies that can charge batteries, the small Portable Oxygen Concentrator like Invacare's XPO2 have arrived.
For many people being diagnosed with COPD or CHF is no reason to give up their active lifestyle or way of life. The XPO2 portable from Invacare allows oxygen dependent people to maintain their active lifestyle and independence in ways a standard oxygen concentrator, or liquid oxygen base don't allow. The XPO2 Portable Oxygen concentrator weighs in at a little over 7 lbs with a supplemental battery and just 6 lbs with the standard battery. Studies show the average trip around town to be less than 3.9 hours, and with an XPO2 plugged into you car as you drive, and operating on batteries while you shop and run errands, you are more than covered.

Endless Supply of Portable Oxygen with Invacare XPO2
The Invacare XPO2 portable oxygen concentrator is like having a cheap endless supply of portable oxygen. As long as you are close to AC, DC or plugged in with a battery, or supplemental battery, you will have hours of on demand oxygen, and it is so quiet you might not even notice it is running.

Pulse Dose Oxygen Delivery
Portable oxygen devices primarily delivery oxygen via pulse dose technology, while a few offer continuous flow. Pulse Dose is a term developed from the advancements in compressed gas portable oxygen and liquid portable oxygen. In order to gain longer usage times from tanks metering devices in regulators were placed on the oxygen cylinders. By limiting the oxygen output to the patient while they were exhaling, and only delivering the oxygen on inhale, engineers were able to extend the life of the cylinder. The XPO2 Portable Oxygen uses the same Pulse Dose technology to administer oxygen, allowing the portable concentrator to provide 2.5 hours of use from one battery. For a long trip on a plane, you could simply take one or two additional supplemental batteries for 5 to 7.5 hours. Many airlines even allow portable oxygen devices like Invacare's XPO2 to be plugged in while traveling on oxygen.

Traveling with oxygen and the XPO2

Airline travel with Oxygen has reached a new level of comfort with the advent of the XPO2 concentrator. With 2.5 hours of use from a single battery, and a total of 5 hours of oxygen @ 2LPM with the XPO2 supplemental battery, almost any destination in the United States can be reached.

Invacare Technology
About Invacare is the leading manufacturer of medical equipment. When Invacare gets behind a product, the development and features are sure to be outstanding. With your XPO2 you will benefit from the simple design, easy to use features laid out in a simple front panel. Ultra quiet operation with a modern style that looks more like tiny stereo than a piece of medical equipment.
Invacare XPO2 Portable Oxygen Package options
XPO100 kit contains the portable concentrator with carrying case, AC adapter, and DC adapter XPO100B kit contains the portable concentrator with carrying case, AC adapter, DC adapter and supplemental battery
The Invacare portable concentrator is to be used by patients with respiratory disorders who require supplemental oxygen. The device is not intended to sustain or support life. The oxygen concentration level of the output gas ranges from 87% to 95.6%. The oxygen is delivered to the patient through the use of a nasal cannula. When the demand for oxygen is detected, the oxygen is delivered through pulsed flow with pulse flow settings of 1 through 5.
The Invacare portable concentrator uses a molecular sieve and pressure swing adsorption methodology to produce the oxygen gas output. Ambient air enters the device, is filtered and then compressed. This compressed air is then directed toward one of two nitrogen adsorbing sieve beds. Concentrated oxygen exits the opposite end of the active sieve bed and is directed into an oxygen reservoir where it is delivered to the patient in specific volumes during the inhalation portion of a detected breath.
The Invacare portable concentrator is capable of operation by the patient in a home environment, in an institutional environment or in a vehicle or other mobile environment. Device standard power options include an AC to DC switching power supply operating from AC power outlet (120 VAC/ 60 Hertz or 230VAC/50 Hertz nominal), a DC to DC switching power supply operating from accessory outlets typically found in a mobile vehicle type environment (12 VDC nominal) and a supplemental rechargeable battery.

  • Pulse Dose setting of 1 to 5 to meet a variety of patient Oxygen needs.
  • XPO100 kit contains the portable concentrator with carrying case, AC adapter, and DC adapter
  • XPO100B kit contains the portable concentrator with carrying case, AC adapter, DC adapter and supplemental battery
  • Operates on Batteries, AC power or DC power

  • Product Weight: Approximately 6 pounds; 7.3 pounds with optional supplemental battery
  • Dimensions: 10" H x 7" W x 4" D
  • Battery: 2.5 hour battery duration at setting 2; 5 hour battery duration with optional supplemental battery
  • Oxygen: Pulse dose delivery with settings 1-5 in a light weight package
  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty